• Full Turnkey Service

A full turnkey build consists of our Accredited Backyard Shacks Dealer supplying and constructing a fully completed Backyard Shack. This includes site works, flooring, fittings and fully finished off both externally and internally.


Our full turnkey service provides all the components listed in the DIY Supply Only and the Lockup Build stages with the following additional inclusions:

  • Internal fit out; all internal wall and ceiling linings, cornice, internal doors hung stained / painted, lock and key hardware, skirting boards, trim, floor coverings and painting
  • Electrical; all powerpoints, data points, wiring, light fittings, fuse box and safety switches, light switches, external lights and any safety lighting installed, connected and tested.
  • Plumbing; sewer connection, all bathroom and kitchen tap ware installed, drainage, showers, sinks, laundry and even dishwashers installed connected and tested.


It may not include garages, driveways, paths, landscaping, turf, letterbox or clotheslines.

These items would need to be discussed with the Accredited Backyard Shacks Dealer to determine if this forms part of your contract.