• Lockup Build

If your wanting our builders to do the hard yards for you but you want to finish it off, then the Lockup stage is for you. Our service to deliver any Shack to lockup stage includes all materials listed in the DIY section for both floor types, concrete slab or a sub floor plus additional works.

As a lockup build, our Accredited Backyard Shacks Dealers can offer a supply and construction service to get the building to a lockup stage.


The building will be supplied with all the components as listed in the DIY Supply Only stage plus these inclusions and services:

  • Council permits (if you want the dealer to organise on your behalf)
  • Concrete supply and install or sub floor installed (if required)
  • Installation and construction of the Backyard Shack building to a complete lockup stage only.

Our lockup stage service means exactly that, your Shack is built to a stage where it is weatherproof and full ‘locked up’ with all external features installed. All frames, trusses, roofing, walling, gutters, external doors & windows, slab or sub floor, eave/soffit lining and/or veranda lining are completed. All internal steel wall frames & ceiling battens are installed but left exposed for final interior fit out to your choosing.


  • No downpipes are included
  • No sub floor timber sheeting (yellow tongue or similar), glue or screws for timber sheeting are supplied
  • No sheeting is supplied for underneath the sub floor to ground level
  • No stairs are included
  • No veranda hand rails are included
  • No other internal fit out, plasterboard, kitchens, bathrooms etc. will be installed.

You will have a bare internal shell to work with from here on.