• Building Certification

  • Engage local Building Certifier, Surveyor or Council Certifier

Home-owners or lessees are responsible for appointing a Licensed Building Certifier. They can give this responsibility to another person such as their builder, however to ensure that your and their interests are protected, it is best to engage a licensed certifier.

A building certifier, or building surveyor, is needed to ensure the building plans and work is completed in accordance with the building legislation and the Building Code of Australia. The Code covers issues such as structural safety, and health and fire protection, but does not address quality of the work or finish.

A plumbing plan certifier is needed to ensure the plumbing and drainage plans comply with the standards required before the work is completed.

Certifiers must be licensed. There are three different classes of license:

  1. a principal building surveyor may certify any building work;
  2. a general building surveyor may certify a building up to three storeys and with a floor area up to 2000 square metres; and
  3. a plumbing plan certifier may certify plumbing or drainage plans for commercial work 
  • Possible DA (Development Approval) from local council

If you are building or undertaking some types of renovation you may need to submit a development application (DA) to the Planning and Land Authority for approval.

Often people are assisted in this process by industry professionals such as architects, drafts persons and building certifiers.

Some developments can be exempt from requiring development approval. New houses, additions and alterations to existing houses, and some smaller projects like pergolas, carports and fences can be exempt as long as they meet certain requirements.

Development applications are lodged online through your local Council web site. Links to your local council authorities are provided further in this site for your convenience.

  • Mandatory BA (Building Approval) A BA application must be lodged with the permit authority or local council.