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    The Sales Process

What happens after I sign a contract?

  • The first step is obtaining your engineering, which your dealer will provide and usually takes around 24-48 hours. The engineer will specifically sign off on your building to suit your property
  • A soil test on the site where your Shack is to be built may be required. This can be sourced by you or your local Ranbuild dealer may be able to assist. (if they offer the service)
  • A site plan will need to be drafted up showing the location of the Shack on your property. This needs to be done via an architect or drafts person.
  • The DA (development application) if needed, and the BA (building application) which is mandatory need to be submitted through a licensed private certifier, surveyor or Council Certifier. You can undertake these approval processes or with the dealers assistance (if they offer the service). The approval process will also require additional steps such as: energy efficiency rating reports, plumbing and drainage etc. These steps should be discussed with your certifier to obtain what would be required for your local council and or state regulators.
  • Once your approval is granted, the manufacture of your Backyard Shack can commence, your manufacture payment would be due and the process started.
  • 10 days prior to delivery of your Backyard Shack your delivery payment would be due, and once paid, BlueScope will deliver your new Backyard Shack to your site.
  • At this point you should have received all documentation from your dealer, relating to the construction of your Backyard Shack.